Tia B.

Tour Guide at University of New Haven

Hometown: West Haven, CT

Major: Marine Biology


What is your favorite place on campus?

My favorite place on campus is probably the residence halls because yes college is academics and that's what you are here for, however it's also a home for your next 4 years. For the past two years I lived with roommates and I was lucky to have great experiences with them. Now as an Resident Assistant, I can be that support system and mentor to other students. I want to give them the safe, healthy, and inclusive environment that I was given. It just reminds me everyday that I love the university because it's a home and by far couldn't have seen myself anywhere else.

What are you currently working on?

Currently I'm focusing on my goals I have set myself academically, mentally, physically and socially. I just want to live life to the fullest and live life without regrets.

What is your favorite class at UNH?

My favorite class had to be the Introduction to Marine Biology class because it challenges you as a student and you get to go out in the field every Friday getting hands on experience. You are learning what it really means to be a marine biologist and actually performing tasks and using equipment at different locations of Long Island Sound. Also, this is all being done in your FIRST semester in college.

I chose UNH because...

I chose the University of New Haven because I just love the atmosphere here and how it's my second home. I like what the campus can offer as far as residence halls, extracurricular opportunities, resources, and so much more. I love the marine biology department here. It's a great 4-year program for undergraduates. The program is really tailored to you and the faculty is really engaging and supportive of your future.

I'm passionate about...

Spending Time with Family & Friends Meeting New People Reading

I'm involved with...

Resident Assistant Marine Biology Club - Vice President
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