Sarah S.

Tour Guide at University of New Haven

Hometown: River Vale, NJ

Major: Criminal Justice - Forensic Psychology

Secondary Major: General Psychology


What is your favorite class at UNH?

My favorite class would have to be my Theories of Personality class. We spent the entire semester learning about the different personality disorders and for our final project, we had to write an essay applying these theories to people in our everyday lives. It was crazy to see how easy it was to apply things I learned in class to a real life situation.

What are you currently working on?

Currently, I am in the process of applying for jobs in the mental health and law enforcement fields. I plan on taking this next year to save up money and gain experience before going back to graduate school. I hope to study Forensic Mental Health Counseling.

What is your favorite place on campus?

My favorite place on campus is the residential quad. When it's really nice out, everyone hangs out there. There's always music playing, people playing yard games, and it's just a great way to take a mental break from the chaos of class and extracurricular activities.

I chose UNH because...

The second I stepped on campus, I knew it was my home away from home. I came for a Criminal Justice Enhanced visit where I met with faculty, students, and Henry Lee. I was already interested in the school for the well-known criminal justice program, but getting a feel for the campus and seeing what it had to offer sealed the deal for me.

I'm involved with...

American Criminal Justice Association Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society Phi Sigma Sigma
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