Nate L.

Tour Guide at University of New Haven

Hometown: Buffalo, NY

Major: Marine Biology

Secondary Major: Environmental Science

Minor: Chemistry


I chose UNH because...

I choose UNH because it was the only university that had a Marine Biology program that offered a freshman year, first semester Intro to Marine Biology course. This course takes the students out into the field every Friday to get their hands dirty and learn what it means to be a Marine Biologist. This is the best type of experiential education that any university can offer and students get this opportunity in their first semester!

What is your favorite class at UNH?

My favorite class at UNH is Marine Botany. I had never thought that algae could be such an exciting group of organisms until Dr. Amy Carlile opened my eyes to see how interesting and important they are both economically and ecologically.

What are you currently working on?

My current research involves copper content in the tissue of green macroalgae throughout New Haven Harbor working under mentors Dr. Amy Carlile and Dr. Jean-Paul Simjouw. I have been conducting this research since my time in UNH's Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) during the summer between my freshman and sophomore years. I have had the opportunity to present my research at the Northeast Algal Society's 55th Annual Consortium and would not have had this opportunity if it were not for my mentors.

What is your favorite place on campus?

My favorite place on campus is the Center for Learning Resources (CLR). The CLR is located on the bottom floor of the Marvin K Peterson Library and is a no cost to the student tutoring center which I spend many hours of my week studying in. I have to thank the tutors of the CLR for getting me through Organic Chemistry!

I'm passionate about...

Kayaking and Scuba Diving

I'm involved with...

Gamma Sigma Alpha honor Society Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society Alpha Phi Delta
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