Lisa L.

Tour Guide at University of New Haven

Hometown: Miller Place, NY

Major: Music Industry

Secondary Major: Music and Sound Recording

What is your favorite class at UNH?

My favorite class currently at UNH is my Intro to Music Industry course because I am learning the fundamentals of what my future will lie on. It will also give me greater insight into what career path I might choose to take!

I chose UNH because...

I chose UNH for three reasons. 1. They had the major I wanted to pursue which is a newer major and hard to find. 2. When I walked on campus I immediately felt like I was at home. 3. UNH has a satellite campus in Tuscany, Italy and my biggest dream was to study abroad there and further my knowledge of Italian language and culture. My experience there during my freshman semester was something irreplaceable and I will always be thankful that UNH gave me that opportunity!

What are you currently working on?

My favorite project that I am currently working on is for an honors course titled 'Artistic Expression and Technology' in which I am working on creating pieces of music that are controlled by informational patches of numbers. My most current patch uses a Wii remote and nunchuck via bluetooth hooked up to my Macbook Pro that communicates with a program called Max. The Wiimote setup is used to create music based on it's motion and buttons. It is a lot of fun!

What is your favorite place on campus?

My favorite place on campus is Dodds Hall because I practically live there. The entire music department is right on the bottom floor and I like being in a familiar place, as well as where I can get any information I need from my advisor, my professors and my peers!

I'm passionate about...

Boating Reading Playing Cello Music

I'm involved with...

Resident Assistant Honors Program Charger Ambassador Global Ambassadors
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