Jameson G.

Tour Guide at University of New Haven

Hometown: Washington, DC

Major: Music Industry


What is your favorite class at UNH?

Currently, my favorite class is my "Music Publishing" class where we learn all about copyrights, music licensing, and publishing music. Classes I have taken in the past that I was fond of as well include my "Intro to Music Industry" course, "Composition" course, and "D.A.W" (Digital Audio Workstation) course.

I chose UNH because...

Not many schools offer Music Industry as a major.Out of the ones that did, and out of the ones I was admitted to, the opportunity rate, in terms of internships, experience and exposure, was not as high compared to UNH. Being that UNH is so close to NY and Boston, the decision to come was simple. I have already been to New York and spoke with many executives within the music industry. Plus, the school gets Industry professionals to come speak with us students; most based out of New York.

What is your favorite place on campus?

Well, outside of my room, my favorite place on campus is Kayo Field and that overall area. When I think about it, I am around that area pretty much everyday, taking in the sight of the field and the view it as of other dorms on campus. In addition, I usually eat at our cafes in the same area.

What are you currently working on?

Currently, I am working on my music- creating, mixing and copyrighting beats for myself and others. My goal is to begin releasing original material to Soundcloud and YouTube. Not only that, I would also want to collaborate with UNH artist as well as artist back in my home town.

I'm passionate about...

TV Movies Skiing music videos Songwriting Writing Singing music production composing Music

I'm involved with...

W.r.i.t.e Poetry Club National Association for the Advancement of Colored Peopled Charger Ambas Black Student Union
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